Commercial Insurance

Specialising in the local and international insurance needs of Isle of Man businesses, corporate entities and high net worth private clients.

Our Core Expertise

Crafting the right cover for your needs is not always straight forward.

Our expert team will address your specific risk exposures and negotiate appropriate cover with competitive insurers for the right cover at the right price.

In addition to our low-cost CSP/TSP scheme we provide high-value covers for all forms of commercial entities.

We understand the different insurers’ policy cover from major shareholders and insolvency exclusions through to cover extensions for design and workmanship. These can be tailored to your needs rather than accepting off-the-shelf exclusions.

Not sure whether a Multi-Factor Authentication condition works for your remote access needs? With rising claims and wide differences in insurer covers, we can guide you through the process to secure the right coverage for your business.

We know our JCT from NEC and can provide quotations for traditional to complex non-standard risks.

Our expert team will address your specific risk exposures be it problems with existing structures, non-negligent liabilities or plant hire conditions through to ‘right to light’ exposures.

Our exclusive scheme with wider cover and competitive pricing is specifically designed for the needs of property owners and managers.

The administration is minimised for property managers with a flexible approach to voids, slick certificate issue and appropriate cost-sharing arrangements.

No other Isle of Man insurance broker has greater access to competitive terms from the insurance market than MAC. Our team of experts specialise in Commercial Insurance and we understand the differing needs and cost pressures of individual businesses.

Additional Services

Our experts will provide cover options on a contingent basis or as soon as the exposure commences with any initial activity.

Call us for prompt advice.

Our team recognises that speed and cover flexibility is critical for W&I covers and you can rely on us to respond accordingly.

With minimum premium levels being fairly high and rates typically being between 1% and 3% of the chosen limit, it is key to maximise value from the insurance cost through our experienced team.

Transactions can hinge on the most unusual exposure and we offer solutions from ‘Legal Opinion’, ‘Tax Liability’ through to ‘Restrictive Covenant’ and ‘Defective Title’ indemnities to smooth the progress of a transaction.