Navigating the insurance implications of Working from Home

A look at the Insurance implications caused by the rise in Working From Home as a result of Covid-19.

The phrase "The New Normal" is now well embedded into daily life as businesses and individuals return to work, return to the office or embark on a new way of working, embracing the benefits that remote working brings, as well as navigating the pitfalls.

MAC Commercial, our corporate insurance arm have put together a useful resource which looks at the different elements to consider when employees have the option of working from home.

We also share the measures we have put in place to make sure our Insurances remain valid whilst continuing to keep MAC employees' wellbeing a priority.

We hope that sharing our approach, guidelines and suggestions will be helpful to others but please feel free to contact MAC Commercial Insurance for any further information and we'll be happy to help.

Computer equipment away from the office.

  1. Have you notified your insurance broker that your employees now have computer equipment away from the office?
  2. What value of the equipment is in employees’ homes?
  3. How much is portable?
  4. How much is still in the office?
  5. Who is responsible for maintaining that equipment?

Are staff to provide their own equipment for their own homes if suitable equipment is already provided within the office?  This would also include desks and chairs as well as electronic equipment.

Health & Safety at home.

  1. Have you checked with your employees that they have a safe environment to work in at home?
  2. Do they have adequate and comfortable space to work.
  3. Is the area warm, well lit and ventilated?
  4. Are electrical cables a trip hazard?
  5. Do they have access to first aid equipment if needed?

Do employees have these facilities at home and if not, how can they be improved?  Is coming into the office a better option? 

Stress & mental wellbeing.

Employees mental health is always important but especially during times of change and uncertainty.

  1. Have you got an appointed Mental Health First Aider?
  2. Are employees advised to take regular breaks away from their workstations and encouraged to get fresh air and exercise.
  3. Do they have a point of contact if they need to talk?

Keeping in touch with employees.

  1. Do you keep in regular contact with employees when they are working from home?
  2. Do employees have the facility to keep in touch with each other? 

Providing computer equipment.

  1. Who’s responsibility is this?
  2. Have you let employees take computer equipment home, if so, see above, and notify your insurance broker.
  3. If your employee has suitable equipment in the office but wants to work from home are you happy for them to take equipment home or would it be more suitable if they provide their own equipment?


Ultimately, our employees have the option of a safe working environment in the office but also the choice to work from home providing they are happy and it is safe for them to do so.

In case this provides a further, valuable resource for you, attached is a basic questionnaire we have used to for all our staff.

Download and Save the Questionnaire