Quarterly Newsletter, March 2022

This quarterly newsletter is designed to give Vanguard LifeStrategy investors an insight into how the funds are constructed, how they’re performing and what’s been happening in the global economy and world markets.

The Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds are single-fund solutions designed to meet a range of investors’ needs. Each of the five funds has a different target weighting of equities and bonds, with the aim of delivering a range of risk and return outcomes for investors.

Vanguard regularly rebalances the funds to their target allocations to ensure that they continue to meet investor needs. This means investors can focus on working with their advisers to review their goals and circumstances, confident in the knowledge that the target weightings will stay on track.

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Introducing the MAC Commercial Insurance Team

Introducing the MAC Commercial Insurance Team

MAC Commercial and Professional Risks Limited (‘MAC Comm’) was founded in 2009 to support MAC Financial clients’, and other businesses, with their local and international insurance exposure. The small but dynamic team soon earned an enviable...