Protecting your employees against the unexpected

MAC will help you as an employer provide insurance cover to help employees feel financially secure, knowing that they, and their families are protected if the unexpected occurs.

Group Life Insurance

Life Insurance offers peace of mind, so your employees know their loved ones would be provided for. Because coverage is also available for their spouse and dependents, Life Insurance can also help your employees cover necessary expenses if they lose a loved one.
Losing a primary wage earner can be disastrous for a family’s finances. In the midst of grief, many families are forced to pull money from savings and investments or lean on family and friends for assistance.
Our Life Insurance benefits allow you to offer needed protection while also meeting your company’s goals. Many employees do not have access to life coverage outside of work. So whether you choose employee-paid, employer-paid or shared funding plans, your employees will appreciate the opportunity to enhance their coverage. (Unum Quote)

Group Income Protection

Income Protection can provide a financial benefit and rehabilitation support if an employee is unable to work because of long-term illness or injury.
Group Income Protection can be used by employers:
To help manage sickness and the associated costs. Our rehabilitation support can help employees get back to health and back to work – helping to reduce the length of sickness absence and the impact on an organisation.
As an employee benefit to provide continued income for sick and incapacitated employees, helping to relieve money worries at a difficult time. This valuable benefit can boost morale and help attract and retain the right calibre of staff – factors that are essential to business growth.
Benefits are normally based on an employee’s earnings with options available to meet the employer’s specific needs and budget. (Unum Quote)

Group Critical Illness

Group Critical Illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum directly to an employee should they, their spouse or partner (if covered) or child, suffer any of a list of defined medical conditions or surgical procedures, classified as critical illnesses (e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke), and survive for 14 days.
The lump sum can be used however a member wants to. For example, they could fund private health treatment, make adaptations to their home, take time off to care for a loved one, or take a well-deserved holiday once their treatment is finished. (Unum Quote)

Added Value Services

Whilst critical illness and income protection are some of the most sought after benefits employees are attracted to, most employers and providers understand that protection, or group risk benefits, are most cost-effective when sickness levels are low and the protection is rarely used.

With this in mind, the proactive encouragement of good health amongst employees is now incorporated into most group risk benefits as added value services. These focus on preventative support for your employees.